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Playing and selling music is a wonderful and profitable way to expand your product offerings, find new opportunities to cross-merchandise, create add-on sales and turn your store into a valuable source for music not found in traditional music outlets.



With such a diverse range of categories, including: World Music, Lifestyle, Spa, Celtic, Nature, Childrens, Zodiac and Concept titles, retailers can choose the titles that best suit their customer profile. There are numerous merchandisers in all different shapes and sizes and stock packages to suit all budgets. Interactive Merchandisers are supplied free on loan, displaying and promoting the CD's in a very visual way in store and enabling customers to hear a sample of the music title before purchase. Our market research confirms that this increases sales by a ratio of four to one over just displaying CD's on shelves. The merchandiser is the ultimate sales and marketing tool, they offer personal customer service, attractive presentation and in-store entertainment - all in a single unit !

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About Us

The story so far...


GJ TUNES is the New Music destination, providing a single area to enjoy Country, Celtic, World, Jazz, Blues and Rock with some pretty amazing International Artists along the way!


What began as a small garage based business in 2007 GJ TUNES has become an international provider to multiple boutique hotels and spas and now in our third year provide distribution to multiple gift and garden centers throughout North America!

Our music is produced in studio and with real instruments and Indie Musicians, no synthesized music here! Just simply beautiful music providing hours of entertainment at times less expensive than a download.

With a unique series of brilliantly produced products and a limitless selection, GJ TUNES is proud to support INDIE artists and look forward to being your choice for new and distinctive music!

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